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You get a highfive, and you get a highfive, EVERYBODY gets a highfive!!! :D Just came by to tell you that I absolutely love your blog :3 Ignore people who try to tell you what you should ship and what is better :D Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if we all would be polite with it then there would be far less pointless arguments. I for one love both FrostIron and Thorki ... ( Though FrostIron is my otp XD )

… Wait…

-lower lip wobbles-


-but really, thank you for liking my blog. ^__^ and I agree, of course, that everyone should and is most certainly allowed their own opinion.

Sounds like anon is being all whiny because you don't adhere to THEIR idea of what you should be drawing. (What is this "free will" and why do artists deserve it?) FrostIron is great not because canon necessarily supports it, but because of HOW AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL it could be. Their personalities are so alike but different. There's potential everywhere. Shipping it shows creativity. Never stop drawing it. Your FrostIron is amazing.

Free will? What is this ‘free will’ of which you speak?

Heheh, yes, I agree. I also find fault and goodness in all my ships, which really begs to question why one feels the need to go shit on another’s ship. Do they lack confidence in the ones that they enjoy? Why attack someone who is providing a service in the ship/fandom, even if it’s not quite as often as another?

Nonsense, it’s all nonsense. I shan’t ever stop drawing them. NEVER. I EVEN MADE MY MOTHER AND HER FRIEND SHIP IT. SO. THERE. -poses-

People should stop hating on ships and let people ship what ever the hell they want. Even if you disagree with something, you shouldn't shit on people who like the thing, unless the thing is hurting someone. But ships? There's nothing to fight over. So you like Thorki? So do I. And Frostiron, and Blackfrost. Each ship has their own appeal, like the other anon said. It's nothing to get your panties in a knot about.

Exactly, because knotted panties is highly uncomfortable.


First anon here. Yay, a high five! Back to say that comments can be the greatest thing in the world, but you aren't required to agree with anyone else's opinions. And you can ship whatever the hell catches your fancy.

Welcome back!

And, Yes. Ship those ships.


This blog is a no-shame-ship-zone.

different anon here : i saw someone say in the comments that thorki is incest but hey it's not, since they're not related. anyway don't pay attention to such people hon, i don't ship frostiron but hey to each their own.

Point 2 here to this other anon.

And thank you for popping in even if you don’t like the ship. :)

-high fives-

Wait, the other anon needs a high five too.

-high fives other anon-

Considering Thor and Loki's past is a virtual clusterfuck of good and bad emotions, comparing the two ships isn't a wise choice anyway. They're different, for very obvious reasons, and both have their appeal.

Point 1 here to this anon.

I know Loki did stab Thor but at least he has a past with him, y'know. You can't compare the relationship they have to the one Loki and Tony have. t's not the same at all.

Why are you arguing with me over things other people said in the comments? I said shoo. I don’t have to defend one of my many ships to you. Be content that there are many artists in the Thorki fandom, including myself, and get the fuck over it.

It frustrates me so much that such a good artist is more in the ironfrost fandom than in the thorki one. Ironfrost makes no sense, I don't understand how people can ship it. Loki would stab Tony, not suck his dick. Have we seen the same movies? What a shame.


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