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Background Illustrations provided by:

Would you guys be interested in seeing any of these [ the black and white will be fully colored] on either: 


 photo tumblr_nbg4yzcW5G1syir6qo1_1280_zps99bce5ac.jpg

5.5” x 8.5” Notebook: [ with front/back and inside covers] 

 photo Screenshot2014-09-20at115209AM_zpse9e02ad9.png


 photo tumblr_nbjm1aHqPf1syir6qo1_1280_zps0273a45d.png


Button necklaces: 

 photo 4-141522214-0-0-1_zpsef5e89f4.jpg

I will also be lowering the prices in my store for the current collection of pins [ pictured above and can be found in my store here: ]

Please answer by number in the comments or in my inbox if you are interested. Also! Please feel free to write in a design you would like to see, or something else from my blog that is already up but not posted here. [ be it Frostiron or Stucky or Thorki or Drarry, etc ]

:D Thanks guys!


Weee. Time lapse feature.